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Wednesday 25 January 2012

In the Iranian islamic regime women’s main duty is housework

Freedom Messenger -- A University professor and Family Specialist believes that the officials of an Islamic society have to establish a special work system for women so that their main duties are not disrupted .
Hamid Ahmadi cited the statements of the Supreme Leader about the conditions of women’s employment in the society and said, “It has been stressed in Islamic teachings that the main duty of women is centralized in the home" .
"The main (duty)of the man is to provide home expenses outside of the home and the woman has the responsibility of managing the home”, he added .
This family specialist said that a women’s main duty was summarized in the three areas of housework, caring for husbands and rearing children .
"There is a division of responsibility behind each Islamic marriage and these three responsibilities have been given to women and the more a woman is successful in these three areas, the man will be more successful in the society”, he said .
"According to Islam, women cannot be categorized into unemployed women and employed women. According to Islamic teachings, we have no unemployed women and only women who do not carry out these three duties are unemployed”, he said…..
Ahmadi stressed that the work environment has to be secure for women on terms of Islamic issues and laws and said, “Men and women should not have haram (banned in Islam) relations in the workplace but should rather have security. Even being mixed (with men) more than a certain extent can affect work results" .
This family expert said that the physical condition of men and women was another factor in women’s choice of employment .
"A Woman’s demeanor is delicate and they cannot tolerate the pressures of hard work. They should not lose their physical and mental delicacy by choosing occupations that are not coordinated with their physical abilities because these pressures will also affect their duties in the house. Therefore some occupations are abhorrent for women in Islam, such as (being a)judge, because it is not coordinated with their mental state”. (Mehr state-run News Agency – Jan. 18, 2012)

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