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Wednesday 15 February 2012

Martial arts increasingly popular among Iranian women

More and more Iranian women are taking up martial arts, for the peace of mind and self-confidence it gives them .
A sports centre in the city of Karaj to the west of Tehran says many of its three thousand members are women. They took up the traditional Eastern discipline in order to improve their physical and mental health. Fatemeh Moamer, who works as a trainer at the centre, told Press TV that martial arts “creates a perfect balance between body and soul,” and as such is now Iranian women’s favourite sport .
Akbar Faraji established the Ninjutsu martial arts club 22 years ago, and says it now has over 24 thousand full-time members .
"Martial arts could be regarded as a way to promote health. It can be as dangerous as snake venom, but it can also cure many diseases of body and soul,” he told the television channel .

Sourse : Shahrzad News

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