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Iranian Journalist Fatemeh Kheradmand has been arrested by islamic intelligence agents

Human Rights House of Iran – Journalist Fatemeh Kheradmand was arrested last night at her home and transferred to Evin prison. She is the wife of journalist Masoud Lavasani, who was released from Evin prison on September 8th after enduring approximately two years behind bars .
According to Human Rights House of Iran, Iranian security agents, who introduced themselves as judicial agents, searched Kheradmand’s house before arresting her. During the inspection process at her home, the security agents confiscated Kheradmand’s personal items and computer. The reason for the arrest has not been announced .
Her husband Masoud Lavasani was arrested on September 26, 2009, and transferred to Evin prison. He was initially sentenced to eight and a half years in prison by the lower court, but the Appeals Court reduced the sentence to six years in prison. Eventually, the sentence was reduced to two years in prison. His sentence was issued by branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court, presided by Judge PirAbbasi .


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last update: 11/18/2016 6:14