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who is a danger to our iranian national security? mothers or the islamic republic rulers ?

The ruling minority in Iran is is tightening its grip against political groups, social activists and even ordinary people and is increasing the repression and the authoritarian rule in more savage ways, day by day. Many have been jailed, disappeared, injured and killed only for demanding justice and their families do not have a real chance of any investigation .
The torturers and the killers continue freely with their crimes, but the women and the mothers who choose not to be silent and fight for their own and their children's most basic human and social rights, endure constant intimidation, become accused of actions against national security and the unjust courts find them guilty and hand them heavy sentences. At this moment, two of them are in prison .
Jila Mahdavian, mother of Hesam Tarmasi, has been sentenced to five years imprisonment, tow years without and three years with parole, only for trying to find out about her son and her solidarity with The Mourning Mothers. Her daughter, Maryam Najafi has also been sentenced to two years,which includes one and a half year with and six months without parole. Her young son Hesam, was imprisoned for one year for participating in the Green movement in 2010 and got sick after his release, under suspicious conditions and for unknown reasons .
Jila Karamzadeh Makvandi, a poetess and one of the supporters of The Mourning Mothers, has been sentenced to four years imprisonment, which includes two years without and two years with parole, for her support and writing a poem for the mothers of those killed. She was arrested on December 27 and sent to jail to serve her sentence .
Leila Seifalahi, a physician and supporter of The Mourning Mothers, has also been sentenced to four years imprisonment, which includes two years without and two years with parole .
Akram Neghabi, mother of Saied Zeinali, has been jailed and put on trial for following up on the conditions of her son. The family witnessed Saied's arrest and kidnapping at home, who was a college student at the time and since that day, no official has given the family any information about him .
Parvin Mokhtare, Mother of Kouhyar Goodarzi, has been sentenced and imprisoned to 23 months without parole for following up on the condition of her child. Kouhyar is a college student and human rights activist who is spending time in prison now .
Mansoureh Behkish has lost six family members during the executions of the 80's. She has also been summoned, intimidated and threatened numerous times for demanding justice, her support for The Mourning Mothers and going to Khavaran and Behesht Zahra cemeteries. After her last arrest, she spend one month behind bars and on December 25, was trialed by judge Salavaati and is waiting the sentence .
Nader Ahsani, another supporter of The Mothers of Laleh Park, spent one year in prison and after being released, was asked to appear at the court and sentenced to two years of probation .
There are other mothers and family members of those killed who on numerous occasions have been summoned, arrested and trialed and are now on limbo. There are others, who also on numerous occasions have been interrogated and intimidated .
Fatemeh Alvandi, mother of Mehdi Mahmoudian, a political prisoner at Rajaie Shahr prison in Karaj, has also been arrested and interrogated by the security forces on January 3rd and was released shortly after. She has been asking the prosecutors office for the last two years for the temporary release of her son, due to his illness .
Let us ask, which one of the demands and or actions of the mothers and their supporters have been illegal and endangered the national security? Isn't following up on a child's condition a mother's right under any law and religion and supporting the mothers a duty of each member of the international society ?
The rulers think of the national security as security for their thugs, killers and torturers and that is why they are scared by the efforts of the mothers and try to intimidate them in every step of the way .
We, The Mothers of Laleh Park and supporters all over the world, while insisting on our three basic demands of release of all political-consciences prisoners, abolishment of capital punishment and a just and open investigation and trial of all those who ordered and carried out the killings of the past thirty three years, ask freedom lovers and human rights organizations to support us and echo our voice louder in our demand for the freedom of Parvin Mokhtare and Jila karamzadeh Makvandi and a stop to the pressures against the mothers and their supporters .
The Mothers of Laleh Park and supporters in Iran and abroad


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last update: 11/18/2016 6:14