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. The Islamic regime of Iran arrests and tortures anybody it considers a threat to its values and power under the name of threatening the so called national security. The two women have been under severe psychological and stressful pressure in Evin prison.

According to their relatives and the solicitor who receives limited news from the prison, there are about 600 women prisoners in Evin. The numbers have increased after the recent protests in Iran. The news also indicates that two other Christian women were arrested and jailed on 7th July 2009.

According to Islamic rules, a Muslim converting to another religion is considered blasphemy and punishable. The Islamic regime in Iran uses any means and excuse at its disposal to suppress women. In fact, it does not need any reason to arrest anybody opposing its values, be it religious or otherwise. For thirty years and especially after the recent developments in Iran the world witnessed the criminal acts committed by the regime against people in Iran. The world condemns it.

All political prisoners in Iran must be freed immediately. Marziye and Maryam must be freed now. We must not let them fall victims of this oppressive and murderous regime. The Islamic Republic of Iran must go. People of Iran do not want this regime. They demand a secular state and a free, equal and prosperous society.

Join us in our protest movement to expel the Islamic Republic of Iran from the international community. We must put pressure in every country we live in, to raise the voice of people in Iran and condemn the Iranian regime. This regime does not represent the people of Iran.

Please sign this petition to demand the trial of the leaders of the Islamic Republic for crime against humanity.

Free all political prisoners in Iran!
Long Live Equality! Long Live Freedom! For a Secular state!
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Two women jailed in Iran for changing their religion!

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