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Wednesday 04 January 2012

Kouhyar Goudarzi’s court hearing postponed

Kouhyar Goudarzi’s court hearing postponed, his mother issued two-year prison sentence
January 03, 2012
Parvin Mokhtare escorts her son home in December 2010 when he was released from Evin prison. Goudarzi was arrested again on July 31, 2011, and his mother was arrested the next day .
Perisan2English – The first court hearing for imprisoned human rights activist Kouhyar Goudarzi was held yesterday morning in branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court, presided by Judge PirAbassi. During the trial, which took place without the presence of Goudarzi’s lawyer, the human rights activist requested a moratorium so his case file may be reviewed by his lawyer. According to the Committee of Human Rights Reporters (CHRR), the court accepted the request and has postponed the hearing .
Kouhyar Goudarzi, who is a member of CHRR, was arrested on July 31st and transferred to ward 209 of Evin prison. In the investigations process, Goudarzi was charged with “Gathering and colluding against national security through membership in the Committee of Human Rights Reporters” and “Propaganda against the regime through giving an interview to the Spiegel publication”. Since his arrest, Goudarzi has endured more than two months in solitary confinement, was deprived of his right to make phone calls for three months, and has not yet been allowed to exercise his right to prison visits .
Last month, Goudarzi’s mother Parvin Mokhtare was sentenced to 23 months in prison by the Kerman Revolutionary Court. She was deprived of a lawyer during her trial. According to CHRR, the supportive mother was told by security officials that she has no need for legal council or a defense team .
Mokhtare has been held in Kerman prison since her arrest on August 1st. She has been charged with “Propaganda against the regime” and “Insulting the Supreme Leader”. Reportedly, prisoners held in Kerman prison are denied access to fruits, vegetables, and other essential food items .
According to human rights activists, Mokhtare has no history of activism, and her only crime is giving interviews to the media regarding her son’s situation during his previous illegal arrest in December 2009 .
A few weeks before Mokhtare was issued the prison sentence, the judge presiding over her case sent her a message to request that she writes a confession letter to express regret for the actions she had taken on behalf of her son. Mokhtare refused and, instead, defended her right to stand up for her son’s legal rights .


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