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Charter of the Overthrow the Islamic Regime Proposed by the Social Democratic party Party of iran

Charter of the Overthrow the Islamic Regime Proposed by the Social Democratic party Party of iran

This charter sets out the framework for the full and unconditional overthrow of; the clerical-fascist Islamic regime in Iran preventing its remnants from resisting the will of the people and disrupting the function of the civil life and guaranteeing the right of the people to choose, freely and consciously, a new system of government. The subversion of the Islamic Regime is perquisite to ensuring the right of the people in choosing the next regime.
The success of the movement to overthrow the clerical-fascist Islamic regime in Iran can only be accomplished when this regime is replaced by a provisional government tasked with declaring the following revolutionary demands and rights as the laws of the country and obligated to fully and unconditionally implementing them.
Proclaiming the overthrow and the dissolution of the Islamic regime.
Dissolution of the army, "Islamic Revolutionary Guard" (Pasdaran) and other professional and paramilitary forces and confiscation of all their assets, logistics and weapons.
Complete and total dissolution of the Ministry of Intelligence.
Disclosure and making accessible all the state’s documents, especially those belonging to the Ministry of Intelligence and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard.
Expropriation of all properties and assets endowed to all the Islamic political, commercial and religious institutions; confiscation of the assets of the leadership of the clerical-fascist Islamic regime in Iran and the Islamic seminaries and utilise them to meet the social and recreational needs of the people.
Dissolution of all religious seminaries.
Arrest of the leaders of the Islamic Republic.
Arming people and setting up popular militia units to counter the resistance of the remnants of the regime and any aggression against the freedom and the rights of the people.
Complete separation of religion from state and education.
Annulment of all religiously inspired laws. The freedom of religion and atheism.
Unconditional right of expression, media, belief, assembly, right to set up and join political parties and organisations, organise and unconditional right to strike.
Full and unconditional equality of rights of women and men. Immediate repealing of all laws and regulations that violates this principle.
Full equality of rights for all citizens regardless of their gender, religion, race and citizenship.
The social-democratic Party of Iran is strongly opposes of federalism and any separatists
Release of all political prisoners.
Abolition of death Penalty.
The social-democratic Party of Iran would ensure that all nuclear, chemical and biological weapon programs be stopped and that and nuclear reactors and factories capable of producing nuclear, chemical and biological agents would be dismantled under the supervision of the proper international regulatory bodies.
The social-democratic Party of Iran opposes the current government’s fossil fuel-based energy policies. We propose to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used as energy sources by encouraging the development of renewable sources such as solar heating and cooling systems, solar water heating, solar electricity, ocean, wind and small scale hydro. Social democrats is also committed to a non-nuclear future for Iran. The large number of earthquakes in Iran increases the potential for catastrophic meltdowns and reduces the number of safe storage sites for radioactive wastes.
The unrestrained destruction of forests has caused widespread erosion and desertification in Iran. Likewise, deforestation of land near rivers and over-grazing has lead to extensive flooding in some parts of the country. Wise forest management is necessary to preserve Iran’s forest resources for future generations and to maintain species diversity while providing essential wood products.
The social-democratic Party of Iran would ensure that all nuclear, chemical and biological weapon programs be stopped and that and nuclear reactors and factories capable of producing nuclear, chemical and biological agents would be dismantled under the supervision of the proper international regulatory bodies.
The social-democratic Party of Iran believes that all species have the intrinsic right to exist without regard to their usefulness to humankind and that humans must share the environment with all other species so that biological diversity is sustained. Unfortunately, the progressive destruction of animal and plant habitats in Iran threatens an ever-growing number of species with extinction. For this reason, we emphasize the importance of protecting endangered species and their habitats. The social-democratic Party of Iran advocates the introduction of an endangered species act and of a wilderness-based conservation strategy that sets aside large tracts of land as wilderness, free from permanent human habitation and resource exploitation. Furthermore, we believe that animal farming must be practiced in an ethically and environmentally responsible way, that animal experimentation must be banned, and that recreational hunting should be strictly legislated.
In Iran, agricultural production accounts for about 30% of the gross domestic product. Although, the principal products include wheat, rice, other grains, sugar beets, fruits, nuts, cotton, dairy products, wool, and caviar, the country is not self-sufficient in food production. In addition, the quality of food is decreasing due to heavy chemical pesticide and fertilizer use, mono cropping, over processing, and long distance transportation. Furthermore, fertile topsoil is rapidly eroding due to poor conservation practices. The social-democratic Party of Iran proposes that chemical-free farming be encouraged by rewarding farmers for converting from chemical to ecological methods of farming. We also intend to encourage the consumption of natural foods requiring little processing, no irradiation and no artificial additives or substitutes.
Controlling the current population explosion is an absolute necessity for Iran since it is a main cause of Iran’s economic and environmental problems. Family planning and educational programs based on projects successfully executed in other countries should be implemented to reduce the Iranian population growth rate.
Women have the right to decide to have an abortion and no woman should be prosecuted for obtaining one. Social-democratic Party of Iran also believes that educational programs be made available to women so that they can make the best possible choice. To avoid abortions caused by a lack of social and economic support, the government must provide universal child care services.
All political, economic and religious laws that discriminate against women must be annulled and replaced by laws supporting women’s rights.
Every individual has the right to join the military or not as he or she wishes. Soldiers must work on a volunteer basis and must be paid a sufficient wage for their services.
An Iranian foreign policy must have as its primary objective the goal of maintaining peaceful relations with its neighbors. The current Islamic regime’s arrogant attitudes, its interference in the internal affairs of other countries, and its participation in the politics of regional blocs, have caused endless wars and regional disturbances. The social-democratic Party of Iran maintains that a foreign policy of non-engagement is a solid basis for lasting and permanent peace, not only for Iran but also at a worldwide level.
The Farsi language is the national and official language, and thus also the symbol of our national unity. Every Iranian should also be able to and have the right to learn and speak their local and ethnic language and dialect.
Iran 's foreign policy is based on the preservation of its territorial integrity and security, independence and national unity. Our goal is to cooperation with our neighbors and mutual friendship with all countries of the world. We must refrain from adventurism abroad.
The social-democratic Party of Iran recognized LGBT rights and support lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals and trans-genders and belives they have rights to adopt childs and marriage and living in iran and protect them
Access to state mass media for all and especially for mass organisations and political parties.
Adequate unemployment benefit for every unemployed person over the age of 16 who is ready for work. Adequate unemployment benefit and other necessary allowances for all those who for physical or psychological reasons are unable to work.
The Social-democratic Party of iran believe in a democratic republic as the best form of government for Iran . We will do anything in our power to democratically bring democratic republic constitutional.
Organising the assembly of the direct representatives of the people, within six months, to determine the future political regime and drafting the constitution.
Iran's provinces, regions and districts must have the opportunity and ability to govern their local affairs through free local elections. We believe in local governance not local sovereignty. All reigns of Iran should have equal representation in the Senate
The Social-democratic Party of iran calls on all who cherish freedom, political parties and organisations and all political activists to endorse and support this charter to safeguard the country against all the reactionary Islamic, tribal and political gangs and thugs and guarantee the complete removal of the Islamic Regime.
Social-democratic party of Iran

Let me thank you all for your active participation in the PES Progressive Convention.

6th December 2011

Dear friends,
Let me thank you all for your active participation in the PES Progressive Convention.

The goal of the PES Progressive Convention was to formulate alternative proposals and to define
new progressive policies aiming at building fair and sustainable societies in the 21st century.


President Obama, Letter to president obama

Letter to president obama

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
FAX: 202-456-2461

Social Democratic Party of Iran
P.O.BOX 420 450
50937 Köln
Fax:0049 221 42 42 27

Dear Mr. President Obama,

when you took over the responsibility as President of the United States of America, we were hopeful and pleased that in the context of the humanistic, progressive, democratic worldview that you and your party represent, you would set a new approach in foreign policy. Our expectation was that you would, in cooperation with the Iranian opposition forces, overcome the clerical-fascist Islamic regime in Iran. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen until now.


Member of Parliament for South Parliamentary Office  Labour-Party in Liverpool

Letter from Social Democratic Party of Iran to the leader from Labour Party, Mr. Miliband

The Social Democratic Party of Iran wishes success for your Party Congress. Face the social problems around the world and especially in Europe, unemployment, economic crisis and the economic recession and debt crisis that dominates momentary the European Union and United States of America, we wish you much success in your convention's decisions for future orientation and solution to all these problems."


Letter an :Senator Sam Brownback: Do not invade Iran but give Iranian money

SPI Social Democratic Party of Iran
حزب سوسيال دمکرات ايران
Web: brownback.senate.gov/CMEmailMe.htm
Cologne, 28.04.2003

Honored Senator Brownback,
In the name of the Social Democratic Party of Iran, I thank you for your
engagements for the interests of my country and the democratic efforts in Iran.
Without doubt, for the last 25 years a fascist clerical system is in power in


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