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Sanandaj May Day march halted by authorities

Wed, 05/02/2012 - 01:03

Iranian security forces cracked down on an independent march in Sanandaj organized to mark International Workers Day .
The Mokerian News Agency reports that scores of workers gathered on Tuesday to celebrate May Day with a demonstration in Sanandaj. The workers reportedly marched carrying banners that read: “Bread! Housing! Freedom!” and “Jailed Workers Must Be Released" The event began at 6PM and, according to Mokerian, security forces arrived on the scene shortly after to disperse the crowd .
Eyewitnesses have reported the arrest and beating of some demonstrators
The march organizers had applied for permission to hold the demonstration, separate from the general application filed by the House of Workers. While the House of Workers was turned down, the application by the Sanandaj organizers was ignored .
The Islamic Republic has consistently cracked down on labour activists in IRan. Reza Shahabi, Mohammad Jarahi, Ali Akhavan, Ali Nejati are among the numerous labour and union activists currently serving severe sentences in Iranian prisons .
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