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Iranian people’s political maturity must be acknowledged against islamic republic regime

Ardavan Piroozi

“Inside the “inequation” of Islamic regime and Iranian people anything that is medicine for one side is poison for the other"
A criminal regime is in trouble as a direct result of years of struggle by Iranians in a variety of ways including all forms of active and passive resistance and those who have the audacity of defending this regime should learn from Ghaddafi’s son .
For years Ayatollahs challenged every principle of humanity which was stopping them in order to gain money, property, women and positions. The most illiterate creatures with fake degrees occupied positions of responsibility without having any regard for the basic question of being accountable. They killed, imprisoned, raped, destroyed, looted, stole and did not allow any scrutiny into their affairs claiming they worked for God .
They fought and lost a useless war for eight years just to strengthen their illegitimate grip on power by killing millions in the war and executing thousands of the best people who had nothing in mind other than providing Iranians with a better life not mentioning the destructions and loss of financial resources .
Those who are indirectly defending the brutal regime of Ayatollahs by writing, talking or acting on the subject of possible military attack by foreign countries are offending and belittling Iranians by saying that they themselves know better and Iranians are minors with no power of judgement and decision making. This is simply not true and Iranians are ready to drive the final nail in the coffin of Ayatollahs and deal with any unpredictable scenarios .
Support of Russia and China for this helpless regime is in itself a military attack against Iranians who have to live by selling their body organs or encourage their daughters to get into sex work in order to have an income. Most of the homes Iranians are living in must be fixed or they will be buried under it with the first earthquake. They don’t need a military attack to see their houses destroyed and their families killed in this earthquake prone country of ours. Remember the toll of Bam earthquake. It was astronomical. Road tolls are another example in this country where cemeteries are running out of land .
Those who defend the regime are defending Russia’s and China’s military attack because it suites them. After all seeking refuge to those countries by Ayatollahs is only for their military might and nothing else .
Military attack on MEK and other freedom fighters in 1980s was not wanted then, exactly as no form of military attack on Iran is wanted now but the former was carried out without Iranians giving up their goals and the latter however unacceptable will not deter people from wanting to change the political landscape in Iran to what suites Iranian people. There is no escape from punishment for political crime in this world and that is the reason why individuals make sure what they say is well digested, fair and just. Freedom of speech and free flow of information is a legitimate right for every human being but stabbing a bleeding nation in the back is far from any of those principles .
As pressure is mounting from every direction on the Ayatollahs who are incidentally fighting like a pack of dogs, for their abuse of human rights as well as their thirst to own a nuclear bomb as a means of security and spreading their garbage, an historical opportunity is in the horizon for Iranians to manage all the forces, national or international that are applied on the Ayatollahs and produce a resultant which works in the direction that they choose and not the foreign powers .
I take my hat off to the innocent sons and daughters of the past and present criminal officials in this barbaric regime and hale them for condemning atrocity against Iranians even if their parents are or have been behind it. They represent the young generation who will inherit this ancient land and will make sure that life will continue with duty of care being the central obligation and mandate for those who will run it in futures to come .
Ardavan Piroozi


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last update: 4/26/2017 9:47