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Thursday 08 December 2011

Number of jailed journalists by iran`s security & intelegence force jumps by 20%

The number of journalists imprisoned worldwide has shot up by more than 20% to its highest level since the mid-1990s, according to the annual census survey by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) .
It identified 179 writers, editors, and photojournalists as being behind bars on 1 December. That represents an increase of 34 over its similar 2010 tally .
The rise is attributed to an increase of jailings across the Middle East and north Africa.
Iran was the world's worst jailer, with 42 journalists behind bars, as authorities kept up a campaign of anti-press intimidation that began after the country's disputed presidential election more than two years ago .
Eritrea, China, Burma, Vietnam, Syria, and Turkey also ranked among the world's worst .
Improvements elsewhere in the world - notably the Americas, Europe and central Asia - were swamped by large-scale imprisonments across the Middle East and north Africa, where 77 journalists are detained .
Individual countries, and the names of journalists, can be found here on the CPJ site .
Source: guardian.co.uk

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