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Foreign bank accounts of Iranian leaders

Jan 7, 2009 at 9:11 AM 8 comments
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Interesting, although I am not sure if it’s true.Supposedly in August Bank employees in Iran sent this partial list outside f the country, if it’s true, it’s sad that our people don’t have safe water or enough food and the oil money is being hoarded by these supposed men of Islam....What do u guys think??On August 2000, a group of Iranian banks employees revealed the financial frauds of most Islamic republic's regime leaders and published part of their assets in foreign banks.

Based on this report sent to outside Iran, which made start indirectly a series of Public statements printed in many Iranian and Foreign Newspapers, Millions of dollars of Public funds have been transferred during the last 15 years while the Islamic leader (on this list) is asking for an investigation on Official corruption and his regime for more loans to supposedly help the Iranian economy.

Already and based on a scandal which shook the regime in 1997, Morteza Rafighdoost, brother of Mohsen Rafighdoost head of the Janbazan Foundation was indicted in connection with a Financial fraud of over 100 BILLIONS of Tomans (3 BILLIONS of US Dollars in official exchange rate and as most malversations were done based on Official rates which is a privilege of Governmental foundations). Irony is that Mohsen Rafighdoost still at the head of the Foundation nowadays.

The partial list was as follow:

1) Ali Khamenei
- Sparkasse Bank (Frankfurt/Germany) Acct.# 234075617: DM 112.1 Millions
- Corner Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct. # 217824: US$ 97 Millions
- Banque Cantonale (Lausanne/CH) Acct. # 71713: US$ 73.2 Millions

2) Ali Akbar Hashemi Rasfandjani
- Union Bank Suisse (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 223870390: SF 532.5 Millions
- Societe Generale (Zurich/CH) Acct.# 30064183: DM 477.2 Millions
- Sparkasse (Ciborg/Germany) Acct. # 2957132: DM 238.2 Millions

3) Mohammad Ali Tasskhiri
- Societe Generale (Geneve/Ch) Acct.# 500032654: DM 280.7 Millions
- Midland Bank (London/UK) Acct.# 832-150270: BP 12.2 Millions
- Dressdner bank (Dusserdolf/Germany) Acct.# 8354783: DM 48.3 Millions

4 ) Mohammad Golpayegani
- Credit Bank Suisse (Geneve/CH) Acct.# CEO7680: SF 85.7 Millions

5) Bijan Namdar Zangene
- Union Bank Suisse (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 314380320: US$ 141.7 Millions

6) Habibollah Asgar Aladi
- Corner Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct. # 3983BHK: US$ 180 Millions

7) Ahmad Jannati
- Midland Bank (London/UK) Acct.# 92114016: BP 54.2 Millions

8) Abdollah Nategh Nouri
- Union Banque Suisse (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 2102120321ND: USD 123.9 Millions
- Deutsh bank (Hamburg/Germany) Acct.# 03223486: DM 64.1 Millions

9) Mohsen Rafighdoost:
- Union Banque Suisse (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 2183130687: USD 122.7 Millions

10) Mohsen Hashemi Bahremani
- Deutsh bank (Munchen 3/Germany) Acct.# 1732736: DM 370.7 Millions
- Credit Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 928530FC: USD 178.2 Millions

11) Abbas Vaez-Tabassi
- Corner Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct.# FAH7272: SF 97.2 Millions
- Sparkasse (Hamburg/Germany) Acct #. DFH72251660: USD 216.7 Millions

12) Hossein Shariatmadari
- Midland Bank (London/UK) Acct.# 34414011: BP 37.8 Millions

13) Mohsen Rezai
- Union Banque Suisse (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 442760430: USD 78.2 Millions
- Credit Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct.# FAH7967: SF 52.7 Millions

14) Massood Movahedian
- Commerz Bank (Koln/Germany) Acct.# 3528817: DM 287.8 Millions

15) Kamal Kharrazi
- Corner Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct.# AMF4567: USD 18.2 Millions

16) Ali-Reza Mo-ayeri
- Societe Generale (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 50024814: USD12.6 Millions

17) Hossein Kordi
- Corner Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct.#14710025: USD 14.7 Millions

18) Abbas-Ali Forooghi
- Corner Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 12930034: USD 10.7 Millions

19) Mohammad Hashemi Bahremani
- Deutsh Bank (Munich 3/Germany) Acct.# 1734726: DM 177.2 Millions

Foreign bank accounts of Iranian leaders 07.04.2009

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