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Santorum denounces killing of gays in Iran by iran`s islamic regime

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Thursday pledged to speak out against the executions of gay people in Iran calling it "a grave moral wrong" and accused President Obama of not addressing the issue .
"I would talk about it," Santorum said. "This president doesn't talk about those things. He doesn't talk about the torture, he doesn't talk about the killing of women and gays and imprisonment. These are fundamental violations of human rights that I would speak about" .
Santorum made the remarks in a brief interview with the Washington Blade in D.C. at the 2011 Value Voters Summit, a convention for social conservatives hosted by the Family Research Council .
The GOP presidential hopeful spoke with the Blade after a giving a speech in which he criticized Obama for not defending the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act in court and for allowing military chaplains to officiate at same-sex weddings .
Santorum also pledged to fight marriage equality "in every state to make sure that marriage remains between one man and one woman." He backs a U.S. constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage throughout the country .
Speaking with the Blade, the former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania pledged to speak out against the killing of gays in Iran when asked to clarify remarks he gave in August during a presidential debate. At the time, Santorum called Iran a "mullahcracy" that "tramples the rights of women, tramples the rights of gays, tramples the rights of people all throughout their society" .
In Iran, sodomy is an offense subject to the death penalty. Just last month, Iran reportedly executed three people who were convicted of engaging in same-sex sexual relations .
Chris Barron, chair of GOProud, said Santorum is "absolutely right" about the violations of human rights against gays in Iran .
"We believe strongly that basic human rights should know no geographic boundary," Barron said. "We thank Senator Santorum for having the courage to speak out with moral clarity on this issue" .
Barron commended Santorum while saying the Obama administration has failed to address the issue .
"While leaders like Israel's Bibi Netanyahu have addressed the United Nations about the barbaric treatment of gay people in Iran, this administration has chosen to turn a blind eye," Barron said .
Despite claims Obama hasn't addressed the issue, the president has spoken up more generally in favor of LGBT rights during a speech last month before the United Nations General Assembly, making him the first sitting U.S. president to do so .
"No country should deny people their rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion, but also no country should deny people their rights because of who they love, which is why we must stand up for the rights of gays and lesbians everywhere," Obama said .
Also during the interview with the Blade, Santorum wouldn't venture to say whether he thinks being gay is a choice when asked if he shares the views of fellow GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, who earlier this week stated that view .
"I think there's all sorts of studies that are contradicting on that subject," Santorum said .
Major psychological institutions including the American Psychological Association, the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association have stated that sexual orientation can't be changed and that so-called reparative therapy practices are dangerous .
Santorum also addressed his previously stated pledge to reinstate "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" if elected president. He said he doesn't know whether he would do so administratively or whether that would have to be achieved through legislation .
"I'd have to study the issue," Santorum said. "I don't know. At this point, I'd have to I can't say how, but I certainly would work toward that" .
Saturday 08 October 2011


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