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Friday 13 January 2012

Iranian human rights activist Saeed Jalalifar’s case file is still undecided in islamic court

Case file of Human Righst activist Saeed Jalalifar that sentenced to 3 years in prison by court is still on considering in Appeals Court for his protest to issued sentence. Saeed Jalalifar who is cooperator in Committee of Human Rights Reporters, was arrested in his own house on November 29 and transferred to prison. After being imprisoned for almost 4 month, he was released on latest days of March 2010 on $100 thousand (USD) bail. Later, Jalalifar was trialed in branch 28 of Revolutionary Court presided by Judge Moghise, and sentenced to 3 years in prison with charges << Gathering, colluding and propaganda against the regime >>. On July 29 while he went to the court for prevention of not recording his bail, arrested and transferred to Evin Prison. Saeed Jalaifar, now has spent more than 9 month of his sentence in ward 350 of Evin Prison .

Sourse : Committee of Human Rights Reporters

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