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Wednesday 07 December 2011

“If His Confessions Are IRIB , It’s All Lies"
More than two months have passed since Iranian journalist Amir Ali Allamehzadeh was arrested.

His family members, who have been permitted only limited contact with him since he was taken into custody on September 18th, say they remain bewildered by his arrest and are extremely concerned about the conditions he faces in prison .
Allamehzadeh’s sister, Zeinab Allamehzadeh, said that in recent communications with her brother, his speech has been abnormal and he has seemed extremely anxious .
“My brother doesn’t seem to have a good psychological state,” Allamehzadeh said in an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. “If Amir’s confessions are broadcast some day, it’s all lies and is not legally credible" .
Zeinab Allamehzadeh added that she and her family still doesn’t know why her brother was arrested or what he is being charged with. Though Allamehzadeh is a former International Desk Editor of ILNA News Agency, his sister said that medical issues have stopped him from practicing journalism in recent years.
“My brother suffers from back disc and heart problems,” she said. “All of these are now added to our worries" .
Amir Ali Allamehzadeh is currently detained inside IRGC’s Ward 2-A at Evin Prison. Allamehzadeh said she and her family are demanding that his case go through the proper legal channels, and are asking for his immediate release. Her brother, it seems, wants the same .
“In his recent phone calls, he has repeatedly asked us to get him a lawyer,” Zeinab Allamehzadeh said. “We don’t know what is happening to him and he does not know what we are doing on his behalf" .
Allamehzadeh’s visitations with his family have also been arranged under complete security supervision .
“Under very abnormal conditions, he was able to visit with my mother and father in the presence of a camera,” Zeinab Allamehzadeh said. “Prior to the meeting he and my parents were told not to say anything other than exchanging pleasantries" .
Though his arrest warrant was issued by Branch 14 of Government Employees, Culture, and Media Court, his case was transferred to Evin Prison Court two weeks ago. Allamehzadeh says that she and her family do not know why he brother was transferred .
“Since that day, my parents go to the court everyday to get an answer, but no one is accountable,” she said .
“We don’t even know now whom we are facing, with whom we must talk,” she said. “We really don’t know what to do" .
Source: International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

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