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Further News Of Arrested Gonabadi Dervishes In Tehran by iranian islamic regime

Friday 13 January 2012

Further News Of Arrested Gonabadi Dervishes In Tehran by iranian islamic regime
Three Gonabadi dervishes who are reported to have been arrested inTehran yesterday , one of them released and two others are still in detention. According to Majzooban Noor reporter , yesterday on Jan 11 , 2012 ( Dey 21 , 1390 ) at 6 A.M , four plainclothes without any legal warrants raided to house of Messrs.Ali Mortezaee , Hesamoddin Batmani and Yousef Mohammad Rezaee three Gonabadi dervishes from Tehran , and took them to ward 209 of Evin prison
Regarding to this report Mr.Hesam Batmani released yesterday evening but t wo others are still in detention and follow-up efforts their families to inform of their condition have been inconclusive and there is no news about them .
It is remarkable that , yesterday (Jan 11 ), Mr Kasra Nouri from Shiraz and Mrs Simin Nematollahi from Tehran were also arrested by security forces and the total of arrested dervishes is five .
The new wave of arrests and harassment of Gonabadi Dervishes has begun since middle of September 2011 ( Shahrivar 1390) with an unprecedented intensity and has continued till now ….
Detention and harassment of dervishes have been continued during past four months so that the latest arrests of Mr. Reza Pishkar (Poshtkar) by security forces in Kavar and Mr,Nasrollah Laleh director of Haghighat publications were happened on Dec 20 ( Azar 29 ) and Mr.Laleh transferred to 209 section of Evin prison in Tehran .
Absolute Ignorance Of Three Gonabadi Dervishes In Tehran
Further News Of Arrested Gonabadi Dervishes In Tehran And Shiraz

Sourse : Majzooban Noor

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