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Wednesday 28 December 2011

Iranian Islamic regime hangs 7 people, one woman

On the dawn of Wednesday December 24, seven prisoners were hanged in the courtyard of the Central Orumieh Prison on orders of the Judiciary .
In an interview with the Mukrian News Agency, the lawyer of one of these prisoners, Massoud Shams Nejad identified these prisoners as Yusef A., Heidar D., Mehdi S., Qorbanali Sh. Saied M., Sirous M. and Nahid A .
.“Judicial sources announced their crime as drug related”, he added
He said that he was not informed of the implementation of the execution.
Notably, yesterday afternoon, these seven people had been transferred to the quarantine section of the Orumieh Prison for their sentence to be carried out. Sourse sourse : Mukrian News Agency

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