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Monday 12 December 2011

Limbs of 2 convicted robbers amputated in Shiraz by islamic court
The amputation sentences of the 2 prisoners were carried out per order of the Shiraz public prosecutor .

[h2 Per a report by [the government affiliatedIsna News Agency, the judiciary public relations office of Fars province disclosed that the foot amputation of an accused bank robber has been carried out. The Revolutionary Court of this province handed down the amputation sentence which was carried out at Adel Abad prison per the orders of the Shiraz prosecutor .
This report also stated “the prosecutor of the central province ordered another amputation sentencing carried out on an individual who was convicted of committing several robberies" .
The Shiraz public prosecutor stressed the importance of the implementation of Sharia law for criminals by a decisive judiciary. He said, “When dealing with major crimes, the Fars judiciary will determine and impose God’s punishment" .
He emphasized the value of rapidly carrying out the sentences as a legal crime prevention strategy for deterring dangerous and serious crimes. He said the punishments would serve as a lesson for criminals .
Sourse : Human Rights House of IRAN]

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