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Attack Of September 11 And Attack Of December 25 to Iranian Opposition Camp In Iraq

BY : Ardaven Piroozi

“Justice delayed is justice denied”
US state department is sitting on the file related to status of MEK and is hoping that the entire Camp Ashraf will be pulverised with no trace of any of the residents ever to be found. 32 years after the illiterate Ayatollah Khomeini assassinated thousands of Iranians in the name of his god, Hillary Clinton is trying to exercise one of the “Ayatollah made” corrupt rules called Tourieh .
For those who don’t know what Tourieh is, one can say in brief it is a form of lying without God finding out that it was a lie! This concept has been developed by the Ayatollahs during years of sitting on their backside in religious schools getting fed by the public purse and without playing any productive role in the economy .
An example of Tourieh will clarify the concept and the reader will be able to gauge the depth of mental corruption of the illiterate Ayatollahs. Let’s assume that someone wants to borrow your vacuum cleaner and you don’t want to lend it. You say to that person “my vacuum cleaner is not working”. By that you really mean that the machine is switched off “at that moment” because you are not using it. That person’s perception however is that your machine is faulty and goes home. In this way you have told a lie but you can always justify that it was the other party’s fault by interpreting what you said the way they did. God will then not punish you for lying
Hillary Clinton and all the big and small officials in US state department providing the excuse of “sovereignty” to puppet Noori Maleki and Ayatollahs to attack residents of Camp Ashraf. They can say that we meant that they were “independent” and if they have abused that concept it is not our fault .
On that basis anything goes and any action no matter how tragic can be justified from position of power. However the fact is that modern human being is more honest that ever and more clever than ever. The world economic crisis is a manifestation of that very concept. People don’t trust political systems and they are reluctant to spend money and corrupt political systems are taking harsher positions against people .
Let’s make it clear that the recent missile attack against Camp Ashraf by the brick layer turned commander of Ghods Force in Iraq carries the same level of brutality and cowardice as the September 11 attack regardless of who was behind it(there is no consensus as to who was behind it). Both are condemned by all peace lovers and supporters of justice. To Hillary Clinton and Aljazira however, it is not so. Aljazira did not report the attack during all the hours that I watched its Botox injected reporters and Hillary Clinton did not condemn it or perhaps I have not heard anything to that effect .
Residents of Camp Ashraf require safety and security from the guns of Ayatollahs .
The very same Ayatollahs labelled by US to be The Central Bank of Terrorism. Now how the attackers of September 11 are terrorists and attackers of Camp Ashraf are undefined? The answer is in the corrupt nature of US State Department and the way they like to ride on the waves of terrorism at times when necessary and enjoy cheap gains .
It has been said over and over again that future generations will not let these crimes to go unpunished when the table turns and people acquire the necessary power and when there are more caring people at the head of international bodies such as UN .
Iranian TRUE opposition who has never been a partner of Ayatollahs, treasures and thanks the selfless efforts of hundreds of international personalities in defending their rights during their fight against illiterate and corrupt Ayatollahs and their hired hands for being a friend indeed. One should also remind the US state department that justice delayed is justice denied. As we know everything is changing and the only constant thing is constant change. Residents of Camp Ashraf form a valuable treasure belonging to Iranian people and any negligence in providing them with protection will neither be forgiven by Iranians nor will it be forgotten by the pages of history of social change .
BY : Ardaven Piroozi


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