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and answerable for not doing what they are able to do today .

Yes, I am exactly pointing to a clear case of unarmed Iranian residents in Camp Ashraf in Iraq and the fact that Iraqi officials with leadership of the unelected puppet Prime Minister Noori Maleki are planning a massacre ordered by Ayatollahs and supported by US .
Time is ticking and the world is waiting to see if humanity has acquired enough morality and strength for saying to Maleki and his international supporters that they are not able to kill and get away with it .
Illiterate Ayatollah’s miscalculation is a way of life for them. That is the primary reason for where they are today both domestically and internationally. For example after watching TV and seeing Hillary Clinton travelled to Myanmar and as a result dictators released the 66 year old Aung San Suu Kyi, Ayatollahs decided to release Moosavi and Karrobi just to send a message to Clinton that “we are good too”. But how can the same miscalculation be acceptable from more advanced world leaders. We know that it is not a miscalculation but clearly a political conviction and a dangerous directive .
Protection of an unarmed group of people anywhere in the world is the easiest task for UN today. Why are they hesitating then? We can find out by studying “Ayatollah Jacques Chirac”. He was a corrupt politician who was cooperating with Ayatollahs and what they wanted to do in France as well as Europe. If Ayatollahs were not around any more Mr.Chirac had more to answer for today and would have been probably sentenced to more than two years jail term .
This is a strong message to all of those who are in a position of power ( Noori Maleki is not in a position of power) and are able to stop a massacre from happening ,that they will be answerable to judges and juries during legal cases which will be presented to International Courts by the future Iranian Government sooner or later .
Residents of Camp Ashraf are samples of future men and women who will be borne in all countries of the world and will share the commitment of this serious promise, to press on and to get up no matter how many times they get knocked down .
If there is a will to assist residents of Camp Ashraf who have been betrayed by US, there are many ways and there is still some time .
Ardavan Piroozi
19 dec 2011

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