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Four iranian Bahai prisoners denied leave by islamic republic regime

Four Iranian Bahais from Shiraz serving 10-month sentences in prison have been denied parole or short-term prison leave since the beginning of their sentences. Vahdat Dana, Afshin Ehsaniyan, Keyvan Kerami and Farham Ma`sumi have served more than four months in Pir Banu prison. Although the judicial authorities had told them they would be allowed leave after fifty days (one sixth of their sentences), and despite repeated enquiries from their families, no leave has been granted. Vahdat Dana suffers from a heart condition, and Keyvan Kerami has severe kidney stones, but they have not been given leave for treatment. The conditional release of Keyvan Kerami and Farham Ma`sumi has also been disputed, although Mr. Kerami has served 7 months and Mr. Ma`sumi has served 6 months of 10-month sentences, and under the Prisons Act, prisoners who have served half their sentences can be given conditional leave .

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last update: 10/18/2017 3:39