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Camp Ashraf: Iraqi forces prevent transfer of critically ill residents to hospital

Upon orders of the Iraqi committee tasked with suppression of residents of Camp Ashraf, Iraqi forces on Monday prevented the transfer of eight critically ill residents who are in urgent need of surgery and medical treatment to a hospital in city of Baquba .
Iraqi physicians had arranged the transfer of the patients to the Baquba and Baghdad hospitals for medical treatments, examinations and surgical operations. Four of the patients are in critical condition and any delay in their treatment would endanger their lives .
From three month ago, Iraqi forces have limited the transfer of ill residents to one patient a week. Also, since November 1st, 2011, Iraqi forces have cancelled medical appointments for 51 patients .
The limitations are enforced as more than 100 residents are suffering from kidney, heart, internal, nerve, eye, thyroids, ear, throat and orthopedic illnesses and a number of them are in critical condition .
The patients have been waiting for a few months to receive the prearranged medical treatments in Baquba and Baghdad hospitals, but Iraqi forces have prevented them from receiving medical services .
Due to the medical siege imposed on Camp Ashraf, during the past year alone 12 wounded and ill residents have lost their lives .

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last update: 10/18/2017 3:39