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Iranian islamic regime executes 23 prisoners, 11 more await execution

Thursday, 05 January 2012 14:29

Iranian Resistance calls on the UN Security Council and international community to halt the growing trend of executions in Iran
NCRI - As the crisis within the Iranian regime takes a new dimension on the eve of another farce parliamentary election, the clerical regime resorts to new wave of executions to prevent upsurge of popular uprising. During the first few days of New Year, January 2- 4, at least 23 prisoners were executed in cities of Tehran, Zanjan, Kerman, and Arak, and at least 11 more prisoners await their execution .
On January 2-3, three prisoners were hanged in cities of Zanjan and Arak
On January 3 a group of 10 prisoners were hanged together in Tehran's Evin prison
On January 4, the regime's henchmen hanged a group of 5 prisoners in a prison in city of Kerman .
On the same day another group of five prisoners were hanged in a prison in city of Zanjan .
According to the reports, 7 more prisoners are awaiting execution in Tehran's Evin prison .
State-run Mehr news agency affiliated to the Iranian regime's Ministry of Information and Security (MOIS) reported today that four more prisoners will be hanged on January 5, in public in western city of Kermanshah .
The Iranian Resistance calls on the international community particularly on the UN Security Council, the European Union, and the United States to take immediate binding measures to counter the growing trend of executions in Iran, impose comprehensive sanctions against Iranian regime and to bring to justice those responsible for crime against humanity in Iran .

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