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In the name of liberty

Recall for the worldwide protection for liberation of political prisoners and civil activists in Iran.

Considering the still suppression of specially Human Rights protectors, workers, women, the ethnic minorities, ethnic religions, journalists and writers by the revolutionary guards in Iran and the lack of peaceful movements and protest against the execution of four Kurdish and Balouch civil activists, we a group of Human Rights Activists in Iran send an appeal to all human rights organizations, writers , human rights activists, peace-lovers and all organizations whom the peace and liberty are their main goal to raise your voice with us and use whatever you can to press the Iranian Regime to respect and end the violation of Human Rights in Iran.

Further more we urge you to declare your protection and solidarity with political prisoners and human rights activists against the violation and oppression of the Iranian Regime.

We, The Human Rights Activists, hope that the international protests against the Islamic Regime oppression policies will prevent furthermore aggression and mass killing of Iranian people.

All information about protests, demonstrations and the time and places of these activities all over the world will be announced in a near future.

A group of Human Rights Activities in Iran

22.04.2008 political prisoners]

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