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Biography of Cyrus ●

The first (place of Cyrus the Great), Cyrus the Great Man history, including the history of the world has seen Nvadry.King Cyrus is merely competent.There's tremendous political Morovvati mixed with such humanity and the Eastern Kingdoms on a completely new phenomenon was considered. circumstances he undoubtedly some ways reminiscent of Alexander and Napoleon Fathany as well but his analogy is not correctand the soil was taken down. behavior "Croesus" that saved him from death, and "was not" even gave him the Tehran government. His respect for religious beliefs and most prudent policy was the most brilliant in the world that allowed him to various peoples, civilized and semi-wild no problem Byasaynd side by side, and in the territory of managing weakly's shadow Aramesh authority Opposition groups also live by the generosity never stand in front of him, not desperate. That was Cyrus, was Cyrus. Generals and kings in world history who emerged victorious, many of the hatred and bad name and they did not leave, but why should the international community after 2500 years October 29 Global Day of Cyrus the Great named it? Why is the International Day Alexander and Genghis or not Hitler! Yes, dear friends, our ancestors were like golden leaves Iran on earth they make us the same blood and the same earth we live Tbarym they're living the ... Iran proudly
Part II (The Charter of freedom of Humankind) Charter of freedom of Humankind Cyrus is undoubtedly among the greatest of the Aryans of Persia is the spirit freedom and justice Iranians over 2500 years ago, the English commander raised his telling the world that track. them at a time when war and exploitation of wild and civilized nations together in common that day and was common among the human civilization had not yet completed its development stages and at the end of the Iron Age, has been expression undoubtedly still the same, Persia fresh and new one comes to solving many problems in Iran today is the 25th century wonder and thinking that you can say our ancestors from the perspective of culture and civilization at the time, the place, meet today longed to eat it and it's a long way to get ahead? Where did Cyrus the oppressed to the oppressor. 2500 years ago, Cyrus the language of slavery in the context of Iranian society falls. Colonial world today with its innovative exploitation of third world nations is a Gary again saw his powerful against hunger and poverty in our world. Foot-and- world superpower served as Lot B will draw everyone wants to force anywhere in the world and oppresses other nations Azkhvn his inability to avenge takes. , and the with no Even in their demands to silence your enemy unaware that counts is the final strength. Charter of Freedom of Cyrus show is full of Iranian .))
The third section (Persian conqueror of the world) a brief description of the honorable Supreme Court and the Office of thousands of Iranian history certainly needs to be said that whatever it is still not low enough, but lovers and lovers of the old canvas and not watereddeserves great show. fathers Cyrus few generations before he was king of Anshan and follow the reign of the Medes, who was also himself called his father Cambyses, Astyages was a puppet. K. The terms Most narratives daughter was born when Astyages king of Anshan Astyages state of weakness and decline meeting soon and get this thing made him think of the power of imagination and independence. Astyages had tried many years ago when her own son was stillDeclaration of Human Rights is a statement saying that the period is not unduly surprised.) Harpagus anger had yet to get the chance of revenge served Astyages remained the koorosh outbreaks Harpagus, long after the king'sdoes not care! However, after thousands of years Persians and the Medes and Persians no sense for this show from the beginning but never the war and hostility between Iranian tribes on the left and all the Iranians together with the help of The date written on the page of time and the Shah of Iran to achieve great success and strength of the infantry Median cavalry because of the Persian both the time of so most powerful in Nrvz army in the world next to each other built. inIn the fields of his hometown come together to Bqyd swear I never hesitate to lie to each other, afraid to Rafryb)) really that much different from the existing fields in the ancestors of today's markets and the Iranian parliament, compared to lying and fraud artistic component is not found . Allah has protected the country from the enemy lies drought and Inscription of Darius at Persepolis
The capital cut and eventually an Elamite prince called Cyrus Gbryas Division were not able to place called Syp Parr anagram difficulty and entered Babylon without a hitch and that you were not able to save your time, forcing the Iranians to give up Login and was captured., Cyrus the Great's capital Semitic Aryan finally emerging power of the throne and the temple of Marduk in Babylon on the throne (almost 23 October) and all the peoples of the Arab nomads to urban Babylonia, Syria and PalestineLike the Pharaohs will discourage them from building a mausoleum and a cemetery on something rather simple. All Mini tablet on the tomb of his life in his inimitable way, said:
I am Cyrus the king and his happy Hkhamnshy rvansh high winds passer. Long live Iran

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